<post written yesterday evening, May 4th 2015>

Today, May 4th 2015 was a normal day for us.

We had a good, long breakfast together.

The kids did homeschooling.

We made fresh water, laundry, charged the batteries, troubleshot the water maker and rescued the dinghy, which went loose.


But above all, we woke up on paradise. Spent the whole day aboard Pesto, who danced around its anchor to the breeze. Swam in company of puffer fish. Soaked in a gorgeous sunshine, and the fantastic views around us, and sat at the cockpit listening to music when the sun came down behind the hills.


Waking up on crystalline turquoise waters
Waking up on crystalline turquoise waters


No, it was NOT a normal day.

In fact, I told Adriana: I hope – in fact I WISH – that we never, ever get used to this, and cherish each and every day that we spend “out here”. After all, this is what this Journey is all about !

Our surroundings just before sunset - how can this be Normal ?!?
Our surroundings just before sunset – how can this be Normal ?!?

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  1. Ficamos encantados com as fotos: realmente são imagens para gravar para sempre na memória. Parabéns!

  2. O cabo branco eh o “snubber”. A nossa corrente eh de um material muito rigido (G43), e a ancora agarra muito forte (Rocna 125lbs). Por isso usamos 30pes de cabo de Nylon 3/4″ e mais 25pes de cabo 7/8″ para amortecer os trancos e evitar fadiga no sistema.
    Nos so temos uma ancora/corrente na proa. Preferi investir o peso todo em uma ancora so. Temos outra de reserva estocada na popa.

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