My Chief Mate


She is a highly competent professional.

She is a magnificent mother.

She is my beloved wife.

She is the main driving force behind this journey.

She has grown into a tough, salty sailor whom I utterly respect.

And guess what … she is the Birthday Girl today !!!

Adri – it is just such a privilege to have you in our lives!

We wish your upcoming year be full with fulfillment, togetherness and piece of mind.




Alex, Paulo & Raquel

5 Replies to “My Chief Mate”

  1. Bela norinha navegadora: receba o meu abraço virtual de Parabéns pelo seu niver. Que seja um dia muito feliz e que a felicidade se estenda por mais este novo ano de sua vida.

  2. Yeeeeeeees….it is really a privilege to have you in the family. We must all say thanks to you to all the good things you brought to us. Feliz Aniversário querida sobrinha. Ana Maria e Walter.

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