There comes a time …

Looking back, January 26th already feels a long time ago.

Still, this was the date we arrived to San Diego. Our longest and possibly most important stay on this journey so far.

And it was not just boat projects that kept us busy.

The fact is, as we multitasked across a multitude of things, we were just not ready yet to leave that place.

While we were working on boat projects, San Diego became Adriana’s base for a number of business and personal related trips. During these two months, she flew over 30,000 miles, visiting three continents.

We also took the time to visit the city’s many attractions, including the Zoo, Legoland, the Maritime Museum, the Midway, the Mission Trails Park and many others.

On the meantime, the unexpected happened. San Diego became the place where each one of us had the opportunity to nurture friendships, old and new. Names like Kiko, Ana, Noah, Sierra, Savannah, Debra, Phil, Katja, Radu … an incredibly diverse mix of backgrounds, stories, and history with us, which now blend in to be forever part of what San Diego will represent for us on this Journey.

As cool as it has been though, a Journey is not such without movement. And one night we went to bed and it felt different. The usual anxiety, the anticipation of discomfort, the allure of adventure and the excitement of arriving at a new place had returned.

We knew we were ready to go.

So we did. Yesterday, at 06:16 hours, we finally cast off the lines that tied Pesto to the docks of the excellent Shelter Island Marina. Once again she turned from “house-boat” back to “boat-house” and we were on the move again. And this time, it was special. As all of our passages had been before. This one is the first time we leave US waters with Pesto. A major milestone of our Journey. It’s a new chapter. Let it begin!