Girls …

Another day, the girls came aboard to play with Raquel. But they didn’t know what to do.

We don’t know what to do” … said the three little girls.


Hmmm, why don’t you go to the swimming pool?“, said I. “Nah, we don’t want to get our hairs wet now …“, was the reply

A bike ride?“. “Nope … Did it yesterday

Oh, you could play with chalks on the dock“, I tried. “Lame“, was what I got

I could put the dinghy on the water, and we go for a ride …“. “No, it’ll get cold!” (Really?)

Ok, what about a movie then?“. “It’s too early to watch movies

We have a few board games … play one of them“. “Dad, I don’t want to play board games now“, said Raquel

It was getting tricky, as I was quickly running out of ideas, and the girls getting exceedingly bored.

Then, in an act that was a mix of desperation and sarcasm, I said: “well, then why don’t you play Multiplication Wars?” (an educational cards game we use to support homeschool)

Yeeeey!” was the answer, and they happily sat around the deck of cards with multiplication questions on them.



Girls … go figure !