The Culprit

Our passage from Catalina Harbor to San Diego was supposed to be an easy one (as long as our understanding of the weather forecast was right).

So, at sunset, as planned, I started the engine and began to untie Pesto from the twin mooring buoys in order to get going.

Then the engine stopped (and so did my heart, for a moment) ….

Of all systems aboard Pesto, the one I care for the most is its engine. Not only do we depend on it a lot, but this is arguably the most expensive piece of equipment we have.

It’s in good shape though, and has worked flawlessly. Until that evening.

After a little suspense, I found the symptom – the engine was not getting fuel from the primary filter system. Luckily we have a redundant filtering system, and with the flick of a valve we were good to go again.

But I remained wondering what could have been the root of the problem (including nightmares of clogged fuel lines and contaminated fuel in the tanks … ouch!).

Today I finally had time to start examining it, and the culprit quickly appeared – a broken o-ring at the cap of the filter’s receptacle. Ha ! When I last changed filters, I probably applied too much tension to the cap screw, which caused the o-ring to break, and let air in (note to self – this is the second problem I have in the engine room resulting from applying too much tension to screws !!!).

Pesto - 07Feb15


Next step will be a visit to the nearest Volvo Penta dealer for a replacement (and spares).

If this is an easy-to-find part, I will be soon ticking one item off my prep list for the next step of our journey.

Just another 28 to go 🙂

Have a great weekend !