Real time post – overnight passage

We cut our stay in Santa Catalina island short by a day to beat a weak frontal system approaching from the Southwest into San Diego.

The sea is nearly flat, almost no wind. Sky is overcast, but still mainly mid-high clouds. The air is dry and visibility perfect. We shall get to San Diego around 10am ish PST, just before the front sets.

We sailed past Avalon earlier tonight – a beautiful sight!

The crew is all fast asleep down below and for now it’s only Pesto and I. The lights of the coast are sparkling bright some 5 miles to the West, while San Diego’s lights are slowly growing ahead of our bow.

It’s good to be here.

Position: 32:53.6N 117:29.7S (i believe we may be showing up at, since our AIS is active)

Have a great week!

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