No pain no … what ?

It is not just Pesto that has been in need of some TLC recently.

Since our previous stay in Santa Catalina island, my hands developed a number of small red dots, mostly on the fingers. I’ve been trying to combat them off with a number of different lotions, to no avail.

I am constantly using my hands, and they are often wet – with both fresh and salt water. Moreover, everything on Pesto is large, heavy and highly loaded, and every now and then our hands and feet are subject to scratches, bumps and the like – not the best way to heal an itchy hand.

In effect, the last few days the dots developed into larger rashes, very itchy. And finally one day I woke up with my fingers swollen. That was it … I finally threw the towel and paid a visit to Avalon’s hospital, who kindly squeezed me into their busy schedule. I came back with an oral antibiotic prescription.

A few minutes later, while I was stowing something inside Pesto’s lazarette, I let the hatch fall square on my left hand. The result was plenty of foul language on deck, immediately followed by even more swelling on my index finger. For a while we feared it might be broken.

I spent the night applying a cold patch to it and woke up this morning with it seemingly operational again – so I hope.

I also started taking the antibiotic, and expect the rashes to start subsiding the next three days. That way I can turn my attention to fixing stuff on Pesto again 🙂


This hand has seen better days
This hand has seen better days

3 Replies to “No pain no … what ?”

  1. As someone whose right (writing) hand was inoperative for several months last year, I feel your pain. I don’t know if there are specialized gloves for the type of maintenance work you’re doing on Pesto. Otherwise, there may be a voodoo priest in the area, after all it’s California.

  2. Mantenha-nos informados. Não teria sido um processo alérgico ao liquido das baterias? Procure usar luvas ao fazer esses serviços de manutenção. Siga corretamente as prescrições medicas mas fique atento se aparecer reação alérgica ao antibiótico, volte ao serviço médico.

  3. Olá Xande e a mão está melhorando? O André acha que foi contaminação das algas. Ele falou que já teve noticias de contaminação e afecções de pele pelo veneno das algas. manda notícias. Bjs Pai

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