This and That

 (Post written yesterday, Friday the 9th)

Lots going on, little spare time, not much to report in the form of a story – yet

A few unrelated topics (not in any particular order):

  • Pesto is receiving some TLC in the form of regular maintenance and a few improvements … today for instance we had a diver install a new anode to improve the boat’s shielding to electrolysis
  • For the first time I manoeuvred Pesto by myself with the kids, while Adriana is away on a business trip. We took her (Pesto, not Adriana) to another dock to top up the water tank and rinse her from the salt that had accumulated during the miserable Santa Cruz – Santa Catalina Island passage a few weeks ago. As we manoeuvred, someone came by to help with the mooring lines, and we ended up at his Facebook page – Thank You, Rob!
  • Paulo and I just had a squabble because I decided to take a break from the kitchen and took them to eat at a snack place in the Marina – i took this as a compliment to my cooking …
  • on the way back to Pesto, we saw this beautiful bird with its glowing green feathers on the head. The kids said it was a duck, i insisted it was a kind of geese. Turns out they were right – the guy was a beautiful specimen of Mallard, a kind of wild duck (I’m glad we didn’t bet, and the kids didn’t have me pay 86 pushups)
  • Later tonight we are off to San Diego’s airport to pick up two significant additions to Pesto’s crew – stay tuned!