One Inch

A couple days ago I was trimming my beard and realized my hair was too long.
In fact I hadn’t had a haircut in some 5 months now.
Recently I had been thinking of a dependable way of managing my hair without the need (and hassle, and anxiety) of looking for a random place for a haircut at select stops.
You know where this is going right?

The long hair was definitely not practical for the boating environment.
When I came onboard, I brought a beard trimmer along. I didn’t want to be shaving regularly and, besides, I thought the grey beard would suit my new Skipper role better.
The trimmer came equipped with adapters for different lengths of cut. After long consideration, I decided the trimmer could also be used for my hair. Unfortunately the longest trim – One Inch – was still a tad shorter than what I would like.
But in between looking for a random haircut place outside, or ordering a longer trimmer adapter online, I chose the devil-may-care approach, and off the 1-inch-adapter came from the box.
I stood a good 5 minutes in front of the mirror, the trimmer and 1-inch-adapter on my hand, gathering courage to do it. But eventually I flicked the on-off button and – weeezzz – a chunk of hair fell off my head. Scary. But I had crossed the point of no return.
It didn’t take too long for the action to attract Raquel’s attention. She actually manned the trimmer herself to do the final touches on my head’s back.
In the end, I had a brand new visual. I may have had better styled haircuts before. But this one is as practical as it can be.
Adriana says it looks good. Raquel as well. Paulo said he “will not let me do that to his hair”. Oh well.
I guess I have solved my own hair management while onboard. But I will still shop for a longer trimmer adapter for the next time, just in case.

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