A Fine Day for Paulo

Following the series “Some days are better than others”, last Friday Paulo had a very fine day, in contrast to the one he had in Eureka a few weeks ago.

Adriana discovered the software company that makes Paulo’s favorite game, ROBLOX, was located in the Bay area. She contacted them and arranged for a site visit. They were kind enough to receive Paulo. And the rest of us.

We went to their office, located at the charming commercial center of San Mateo, in the afternoon and spent a good two hours there. They took us to an office tour, and then had Paulo try out some new features they are about to implement to the game. It was cool even for us. Paulo was ecstatic.

ROBLOX Rocks ! (image fro wikipedia)
ROBLOX Rocks !
(image fro wikipedia)


Then, as we left ROBLOX’s office, we found a skateboard store a few blocks away. Some minutes later there we were choosing parts to put together a brand new, customized skateboard for Paulo. It was a bit more pricey than his previous one. But we made a co-payment agreement with him. And besides, the new skateboard handles much better and he will be able to further develop his skills. And, well, it is irresistibly authentic San Francisco!

His new board .. it is SO SanFran !
His new board .. it is SO SanFran !


The only drawback is that we couldn’t find one that floats. So, the risk still persists … I better buy a large magnet to have onboard.

He's on the road again
He’s on the road again

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