Here we are

It took us 3 days to cover the 225 miles from Eureka to San Francisco Bay. And what three days it’s been … we had beautiful sunny skies, humid and cold foggy times, no wind, a lot of wind, you name it. We’ve seen a lot of wildlife along the way. We achieved some important milestones. There were issues, and the issues were resolved.

And at the end of all this, today at 5PM we sailed Pesto under the Golden Gate bridge. I won’t even try to describe the feeling we had. It is just not possible.



We will post about this trip, because there are stories to tell. But not now.

For now all we want is to enjoy a little bit more the beautiful view of Sausalito at night, listen to the soothing cyclical sound of the ships’ horns as they cross the Bay’s entrance, and gaze at the silvery moonlight over Angel Island’s hills.

Have a good night !

8 Replies to “Here we are”

  1. OI Gi – ontem mesmo encontramos o Guilherme e estavamos relembrando a turma toda. Um abracao no Pedro e pra vc tambem.

  2. Oi Ale e Dri!

    O Pedro estava am São Francisco alguns dias antes de vcs chegarem! Uma pena!
    Ele agora vai começar a acompanhar os posts, quem sabe nos encontramos em algum ponto da sua aventura. Parabéns de novo pela coragem e dedicação! Adoro ler seus posts (e os das crianças!)

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