Time Machine ?

Today we are completing the first month since the four of us got together aboard Pesto.

Adriana arrived to Seattle with the kids August 21st.

Since then we spent some 10 days in between Lake Union and the Pugget Sound. From then on, we started our descent south, taking advantage of the remaining benign weather pattern.

We went to the northwesternmost tip of the contiguous US states, hitting 48:25 degrees North, and turned our bow South. We’ve done 5 passages so far, covering just over 700 miles, and leaving Washington and Oregon on our wake.

We got sunny days, grey days, and definitely wet days, and little by little, each one is finding his/her sea legs.

We’ve met great people along the way, and been places – most great, and a few were, well, meh.

collage page 1But whatever the place, and whatever the weather, inside Pesto it has been always warm and cozy. That’s probably one of our great discoveries thus far – the joy of togetherness.

collage page 2

And as Adriana and I were reflecting about these last 31 days, we realized – gosh, it feels like many months have passed by (and under Pesto’s keel – I couldn’t resist, hehe). Have we found our own time machine?

Well, as the header of our blog says – there’s just so much discovery in the journey!

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  1. Queridos amigos,

    Que delicia ler este post e ver como esta indo tudo bem a bordo do Pesto! Os sentimentos sao muito parecidos com os nossos… A alegria de estarmos juntos, unidos, experimentando, aprendendo, vivendo!!!! Isso é VIVER!!! Estmos muito felizes por vocês !!!!

    Bjs e abracos a todos

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