Where are the books ?

The back to school frenzy is picking up aboard Pesto

Pesto - Aug14 (1)
Just a sample of the academic material that Adriana has been diligently putting together for the commencement of Pesto School’s activities


The prep work on Pesto is not just about anchors, sails, or beach-lounging equipment. And I am not the only one working on it.

Throughout summer, from afar, Adriana has been procuring the books that will compose the kids’ curriculum for the upcoming school year, complementing the other academic material that she had already selected in Miami and came with me on the road trip. I have been tracking their itinerary over the internet. Most have already made it onboard Pesto, others are still on their way.

I understand from the Principal that Pesto School’s activities are due to start next week. More to come on this fundamental aspect of our new life. Stay tuned.

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  1. No hurricanes, vessel collisions nor sleeping whales threats will be more challenging than putting my angel looking nephews into home schooling routine!

  2. … and we hope that it stays this way 🙂
    This is a challenge we are embracing optimistically, and aware of the difficulties that lie ahead. For sure there will be a lot of learning and adaptation for us and for them. And we hope that together we will find it to be fulfilling and rewarding.
    To give credit to the kids, they share in the whole vision for this journey, and seem to be walking into this with positive intent. Besides, in their own way, each of them have been quite responsible with their studies so far. Having said that, i’m sure there will be some moaning in the cabin next week when Pesto School opens up the gates and the first class starts.
    Wish us luck!

  3. Dedé, I just shared this with Paulo. His reaction was: “Mom, I am not gonna make this hard for you!”.
    I already feel so blessed with this opportunity….

  4. Alex, te felicito por la decisión que tomaste con respecto a navegar, se que siempre soñaste con hacerlo, mis respetos por la valentía de toda tu familia en dejar todo para adentrarse en esta gran aventura que les estás regalando.
    Buen viaje y que “The Pesto School” inicie el curso con todo.

  5. Sure they will collaborate! And most importantly, they are so smart so that you learn to make from this routine a fantastic journey to you all. I still remember pictures of the classes given by Heloisa to Pierre, David, Wilhem, an later on to Kat aboard Aysso. Pure fun!

  6. Hola Monica. Si, lo sabes muy bien verdad?
    Gracias por tus palabras. Estamos los quatro muy emocionados con la decision, y por empezar este nuevo camino. Saludos.

  7. Collaborate they may
    Easy, it won’t be
    But then, if it where, perhaps this path would’t be so special
    Time will tell
    For whatever is worth, i am sitting here, sipping my penultimate cuppa by myself. Whereas Pesto’s cabin today is filled with silence and the gentle scent of coffee, in 48 hours it will be full with chatter, and laughter, and moans, and everything else that a family does 🙂

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