Our new car

Our new car is white. It doesn’t have a sun roof, or a convertible canopy. It doesn’t have a roof at all. If it rains, we get wet. In fact, some times we get wet even when it is NOT raining.

There’s no steering wheel, no upholstered seats, not even tires!

But it hums, and it runs, and it is FUN. And it takes us places – beautiful ones. Behold our Dinghy:

Packed with a lot of utility and fun.  Seagull not included.
Packed with a lot of utility and fun.
Seagull not included.

Even though Pesto moves, has an engine and all, it is more properly the equivalent of our Home than a Vehicle. It is the dinghy that we will be using to move to and from the boat.

Pesto came already equipped with this dinghy when we bought her. It is considerably younger than mothership (circa 2006), is 10ft long, and is propelled by a beefy 15hp outboard engine. It has a few dings and dongs and scratches, but overall it is in sound condition, and has proven to be a great vehicle for the four of us.

The kids LOVE the dinghy, and every time we stop, they are both immediately after us to put it on the water and take them for a ride.

Here you go: skipper Paulo ...
Here you go: skipper Paulo …
... and skipper Raquel
… and skipper Raquel


It is not just fun, it is also useful. We use it to take things to the beach (like food and beverages for an unplanned picnic):

Provisions arriving for the picnic.


… to get closer to wildlife:



… or to carry groceries and luggage, like on this photo from a few years ago:



In the past, we have also used a dinghy (the same as in the previous photo) to go miles up a river …



… to enjoy a hard-to-get waterfall with the kids:



Sometimes we just pull it up pebble beaches:



Soon it will be tied on to small pontoons:



… or “simply” up some tropical sandy paradise:



Right now it is just there, clipped to the stern of its mothership, patiently awaiting to get some serious use.


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  1. I always follows your stories, and I enjoyed a lot. Your kids are enormous.

  2. Estou adorando curtir as novidades! Aproveitem muito e continuem compartilhando com a gente! Beijos

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