Today, inside we stay


In fact this story is from yesterday, but i liked the title this way 

Woke up early to the tip-tap of raindrops on deck (a lovely sound, by the way):



It was really wet outside:



This was no surprise, as per the weather forecast. In fact, i had been waiting for a day like this (it doesn’t take a long wait here). This was the opportunity to attack some “indoor projects”.

But not without a proper breakfast first:



I started off with something light – organize Pesto’s papers. Invoices, receipts, warranty papers and instruction manuals were multiplying and cluttering the cabin:



Then, the most awaited project – giving Pesto it’s shine back. See, she has a beautiful interior lined with teak. But the wood has gotten dry and with a dull appearance over the years. So out came the teak treatment fluid from Pesto’s bilge, and part by part her joinery started to shine again:



There were a few interludes for some admin work, a call with Adriana to set logistics, and a few upgrades to the blog – including the Share buttons and the Comments field, in addition to yesterday’s Post:



Then i got a call from the chandlery, and soon thereafter it started to dry up. This was the signal to start another project – but this will be subject of another post:





Here, as soon as it dries up a bit, sails are up. Even on weekdays. People make the most out of summer. And Pesto is starting to itch to spread its canvas as well:



Unfortunately, the neighborhood (the geese) were replaced by a something of a less lively kind. There will be no quacks tonight:



Such a great day deserved a great closing, to which a steaming clam chowder accompanied by chilled Cabernet Sauvignon were just the perfect choice:

DSC_0070 (1)

(by the way, have you noticed the shine of this table?)


And with this, another set of important items ticked off the to-do list in prep for our voyage.

10 Replies to “Today, inside we stay”

  1. Fala garoto! Agora o blog ganhou interacao. Esta faltando um post com a estoria de uma boa velejada em solitario antes da turminha chegar…

  2. Formidável poder acompanhar seu sonho! Nós, aqui em casa, estaremos dentro do veleiro com vcs! não importa a distancia nem os sonhos o que realmente importa é o que sentimos quando vivemos estes com quem amamos! Estamos distantemente ao lado de vcs.

  3. Valeu Claudiao! Eu concordo com voce. A distancia eh muito mais uma questao de atitude e estado de espirito do que kilometros ou milhas. Estaremos sempre em contato! Abs

  4. Querido afilhado, que os bons ventos sempre te acompanhe você e sua linda família.
    Beijos. Ana Maria e Walter.

  5. Walter, Ana – obrigado. Os Bons Ventos serao muito bem-vindos, e um elemento fundamental da nossa curticao a hordo 🙂
    Um abraco pra voce, e um beijo pra Ana

  6. Just love it!!! Every little post is just fantastic! Keep having fun! Write about the kids and Adriana…

  7. Hi Ari – thank you 🙂
    Adri and the kids arrive next week, and we have a few things lined up already for posting. Stay tuned.

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