Small Step

The saying goes that every journey starts with a first step. Well, this is mine.

First Step of the Journey

The apartment has been negotiated and is under contract, my car is sold, our belongings went to storage yesterday, the cat has been relocated to his home country, and the family is doing some final preps – and watching the World Cup – in Brazil.
The last weeks have been a whirlwind of activities, wrapping up our land-based life and preparing for the new one, aboard our sailboat. We are tired, we are anxious. And above all, we are HAPPY.
We chose to embark on this journey in pursuit of discovery – about what’s out there, and about ourselves.
And so it begins.
While the family is still in Brazil, I’ve got two weeks to cross the country and make Pesto home-like before their arrival to Seattle. The drive up there will be a convenient opportunity to wind the mind down a bit, to remember and enjoy the warm support we received from Family and Friends, and to focus on the tasks at hand for this new chapter.
Stay tuned, there is more to come.