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4 Replies to “The Journey So Far”

  1. Heck I love your writing, having hooked up when you sailed to the Tuamotus I look forward to a long read from your day one road trip across the US.
    Thank you for all the work it seems you may not have had a Christmas break!

  2. Thank You !
    After so many months with little internet, and uploading posts in haste via ultra-narrow bandwidths, there was a lot to polish on the blog! Besides, it’s been fun to fix stuff by just typing on a key board instead of crouching under a bulkhead with a bunch of tools and the hands full with grease 🙂

  3. I am absolutely impressed with all the sailing you’ve accomplished esp with 2 kids on board…Bravo! Totally love the bolg. I am avid follower of your writing. Please continue sharing your updates.

    Sending Adriana, Raquel, Paulo and you loads of best wishes from cloudy Singapore for the Chinese year of Red Rooster 🙂

  4. Thank You Deepika !
    In fact the kids have been the main driver of our decision to do it now – we wanted to do this before they outgrew the window of opportunity. And I think we nailed it on the head, because we get to be so close to them as they transition form Children to young Teenagers. It’s been beautiful to watch them blossom one day after the other. Well, this is somewhat selfish of Adriana and I of course. But I am convinced it’s been good for them as well. From the deeper learning on homeschooling to the meaningful relationships they are building along the way, the robust experiences and the sense of accomplishment.
    Time will tell 🙂
    Thank You for the words of encouragement regarding the blog !

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