The Boat


We acquired Pesto in early 2012, and I will eventually publish a post about this story. We spent two summer sailing vacations on her before we moved definitely aboard last year. Even though we did regular maintenance and a few improvements along the first two years of ownership, it was really since September 2014 that we got to know her better, and get intimate with her systems and how to maintain them.


Hatched in 1998 from the competent yard of Hallberg Rassy in Sweden, she was christened Solong. Her first owner sailed her across the Atlantic, and I understand she spent some time up and down between the US East coast and the Caribbean until being taken to lake Michigan – where she spent over 5 years. From there, it is speculated she was trucked to Seattle, where she became Revelation, and remained so until we bought her in 2012.


Having a voluminous body, she offers a lot of space down below, and Hallberg Rassy did a great job in using this space to create a home-like ambiance.

Image courtesy of Hallberg Rassy
Image courtesy of Hallberg Rassy

The Main Salon is large. The large table to starboard is the heart of our home, where we share most meals, where homeschool is done, where the kids play with their friends. And the “king chairs” to port are our favorite. These are MY (Alex) favorite spot aboard 🙂

The galley is well conceived, being large enough for us, and yet small enough to keep the cook safe when the boat is moving.

Courtesy of Swiftsure Yachts

One aspect I really treasure on Pesto is her engine room – a feature not always common on sailing boats of this size. That’s where our 146HP Volvo main engine and the 8KW Westerbeke are located, together with a number of other gadgets. I spend a lot of time in there and am grateful for not having to be crawling under floorboards for our engines’ maintenance.

Courtney of Swiftsure Yachts

On the back is where the main stateroom is located. It is large, roomy and very comfy, with lots of storage space and cabinets. Under our bed there are electric equipment, including our twin Autopilots, Battery Chargers, and our 1,080Ah battery bank.

Courtesy of Swiftsure Yachts

Towards the bow, there are two separate rooms. The bunk room is where Paulo and Raquel sleep, and the large triangular bed is our guest/lounging/meditation/storage area.

Courtesy of Swiftsure Yachts

Finally, another key feature of her, the Pilot House which encloses the forward portion of the cockpit. IT provides shelter from the elements while at anchor, marinas and underway. This was a mandatory specification when we were looking for a boat. We love it !

Courtesy of Swiftsure Yachts

Pesto is stout, fast, easy to sail, seaworthy, and utterly comfortable. More importantly, she has been very forgiving to us, as we slowly learn the tricks of this trade. And above all, she has been taking extremely good care of us. We are really glad to be doing this journey on her.

At a mile-long, it is a feat of engineering. Yet, to us it just looks so tiny

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