Anchors n’ Chains

Of all systems in a voyaging sailboat, the Anchoring System is one of the most important, IMHO.

A good, well designed anchoring system will save a sailor’s bacon if he/she is ever caught at the wrong place at the wrong time. And for the 99%+ of situations when he/she is at the right place at the right time (knock wood), such a system will warrant wonderful, worry-free nights of sleep.

For these reasons, i spent a considerable amount of time redesigning Pesto’s anchoring system for this journey. It was a bit more comprehensive than the picture below suggests:

Pesto - Aug14 1 (2)


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Let the music play !

16Aug14 3

Since i left Miami, i haven’t felt the need to listen to music. Even during the road trip, i would only put music on when i was feeling really tired. Otherwise, i felt more comfortable just listening to the hum of the tires on the tarmac. Go figure.

But yesterday evening i finally felt like it. Plugged the iPod to Pesto’s sound system (a normal car’s stereo) and started playing it at random. All of a sudden the cabin filled with tunes and rhythms. Hoodoo Gurus, Prince, B52s, Pretenders … and it kept going … bliss 🙂

Have a GREAT weekend !


Our new car

Our new car is white. It doesn’t have a sun roof, or a convertible canopy. It doesn’t have a roof at all. If it rains, we get wet. In fact, some times we get wet even when it is NOT raining.

There’s no steering wheel, no upholstered seats, not even tires!

But it hums, and it runs, and it is FUN. And it takes us places – beautiful ones. Behold our Dinghy:

Packed with a lot of utility and fun.  Seagull not included.
Packed with a lot of utility and fun.
Seagull not included.

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