Blue Lagoon

About two thirds of the way North, up along the Yasawas, nested in between three islands lies a protected body of water known as the “Blue Lagoon”. Probably greener more than blue, due to all the reefs that surround it, this is a beautiful anchorage, which we have visited twice already since arriving to Fiji. Continue reading “Blue Lagoon”

Manta Ray Pass

To be precise, its actual name is Tokatokanu Passage. But if you refer to the “Manta Ray Pass”, it is generally understood here that you are talking about the narrows between Drawaqa and Naviti islands. A place where the namesake animals are known to congregate to feed and also to watch the Tourists and Cruisers who tend to crowd those waters. Continue reading “Manta Ray Pass”

Third Time ‘Round

Since our arrival to Fiji, we have cruised the Mamanucas and Yasawas Islands twice already, located to the West and Northwest of Fiji’s main island, Viti Levu. And we are now doing it for the third time. Continue reading “Third Time ‘Round”

That Something Else

The kid-boat rendezvous at Navadra Island a few weeks ago was to me a moment of appreciation of the friendships we build along our Journey. There was something else, however, that contributed to making it so special – and that had anything to do with me, or any of the other adults. Continue reading “That Something Else”