Watch Those Currents !

Before setting sail offshore, I used to think Sea Currents occurred in broad, long streams along the surface. And whereas the Gulfstream may be such case, most often offshore currents happen in the the form of relatively small, swirling eddies. And they can play a relevant role on a skipper’s routing, as they did during our recent passage between Fiji and New Zealand. Read on:

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What Happened ?!?

Weather Window my %#%$# !!!”, I used to say jokingly for the first days pursuant to our arrival to New Zealand, after a very uncomfortable passage from Fiji.

Jokes apart, there was a lingering question in my mind: “Was it indeed a Weather Window, or Not?

This is what I will explore on this post, in addition to sharing our leanings from this episode.

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About The Passage

It would be the last passage of this cruising season.

It would also be the last leg in our crossing of the Pacific Ocean.

We wanted it to be a pleasant experience.

We planned and waited extensively to achieve that.

And still, it wasn’t.

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On the Meantime …

Yes !

… there WILL be a post about our passage from Fiji to New Zealand.

Yes !

… we will also publish our learnings from it here.

And, Yes !

… we shall soon start posting about our first impressions of New Zealand.


But on the meantime …..

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From Fiji to New Zealand

In late November 2017 we sailed from Fiji to New Zealand, roughly a 1,000-mile voyage. The rationale for doing it was covered here:

This is a technical passage, crossing an area prone for heavy weather and significant currents, and we prepared accordingly:

The passage was indeed safe, as planned, but far more uncomfortable than expected. We analyzed it thoroughly afterwards, as covered here:



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