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In late November 2017 we sailed from Fiji to New Zealand, roughly a 1,000-mile voyage. The rationale for doing it was covered here:

This is a technical passage, crossing an area prone for heavy weather and significant currents, and we prepared accordingly:

The passage was indeed safe, as planned, but far more uncomfortable than expected. We analyzed it thoroughly afterwards, as covered here:


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In the first quarter of 2016 we departed the west coast of Mexico, sailed across the eastern Pacific Ocean on a 3,000 mile non-stop passage across the equator, and reached French Polynesia.

These two posts cover our preparations for the passage:

We then captured our daily activities and emotions on the last few days leading up to departure:

We departed Mexico on March 18th and were having good progress when a failure on our rigging forced us back to port. These four posts cover this event:

One week later the broken part was fixed, redundancy provided, and a new weather window was about to manifest. We departed Mexico a second time in anticipation of this window, so as to catch it in optimal conditions already well into the open ocean. We wrote and published posts during each day of the passage:

After arrival we published a series of three posts with images from the passage (which we were not able to upload while under way):

And finally, here is a summary of the main highlights and learnings from this experience:


THANK YOU for following us on this Journey !
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