Glimpses of New Zealand

Our first stay in New Zealand, in December last year, between our arrival here and our trip to Brazil, was an intense one. A few immediate repairs from the eventful passage from Fiji, arrangements to have Pesto safely secured during our long absence, and the eventual escapes to visit the surroundings with friends. Continue reading “Glimpses of New Zealand”

Now What ?

It was just over two years ago. That’s when we decided to “turn Right”, to ditch our original plans of cruising the Caribbean and to sail to the South Pacific instead.

Well, here we are. With most of the island groups behind our stern, and a fresh Hurricane Season brewing just ahead (and atop) of us.

So, what are we up to now?

Continue reading “Now What ?”

Tricks and Treats

It’s been four times already. Four halloweens that we celebrated since we started cruising full time aboard Pesto. And all have been different, some more awesome than others. This year’s was the best ! Continue reading “Tricks and Treats”