Video of the Week: Remoras in Makemo

While we were in Makemo, a small school of Remoras chose Pesto as their shelter (and source of food). The kids embraced them wholeheartedly. Follows a (very) short video I took of them one day:

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We hope you enjoy. THANK YOU for following us on this journey !!!

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Manta Ray Huahine

This big guy swam by Pesto every morning while we were anchored at the south bay in Huahine, French Polynesia. It was a matter of getting the GoPro and the flippers ready:


Thank You for joining us on this Journey !!!

Glimpses of New Zealand

Our first stay in New Zealand, in December last year, between our arrival here and our trip to Brazil, was an intense one. A few immediate repairs from the eventful passage from Fiji, arrangements to have Pesto safely secured during our long absence, and the eventual escapes to visit the surroundings with friends. Continue reading