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We are a family of four who chose to spend quality time together while cruising full time on our sailboat. There’s a post with a little bit of background on us (accessed by clicking here), and another one with the reasons for doing it (here).

Here’s us, at the very beginning of our sailing Journey, in Neah Bay (WA), September 2014

Pesto-04Oct14-018 THE SKIPPER: Alex started sailing when he was 8 years old, almost by chance, when his uncle showed up with a derelict sailing dinghy he had salvaged. Curiosity quickly turned into passion and evolved to a dream. He managed to keep in touch with this passion during his 20-year career as an executive, and eventually an opportunity enabled the dream come true when he embarked on this Journey with his family in July 2014. Aboard Pesto, Alex juggles the roles of Skipper, Chief Engineer, also with forays on the galley and as backup faculty of Pesto School.

Pesto-16Apr15-169 THE FIRST MATE: Adriana’s relationship with sailing grew gradually since she was introduced to the sport by Alex back in the 1990’s. Little did she know by then that she would become a salty sailor. Adriana graduated as a Civil Engineer and pursued a career as a Consultant in the field of Organization and Leadership development. Aboard Pesto, she is an impressive multitasker, accumulating the roles of First Mate, Dean of Pesto’s School, and her professional work as an independent Consultant and Coach. 

Even without seeing them, we had a good time on this little "adventure" FIRST MALE DECK HAND:  Paulo was 10 years old when he boarded Pesto at the start of this Journey back in 2014, and impressed quickly for his absolute resistance to seasickness, irrespective of the conditions outside. A keen video game player, this asset enables him to enjoy his games even when Pesto is rocking wildly on the worst passages, and all other crew members are green. Not surprisingly, he loves passages … the longer, the better. He also has a strong power of observation, and has been soaking in really well the experiences of this new life, in addition to performing strongly on homeschooling.

Pesto-22Jan15-070 FIRST FEMALE DECK HAND:  at the age of 9 upon the beginning of our Journey, Raquel has always been an enthusiastic crew member, always eager to take in small jobs on deck. In fact, up to now she has been the only one to be bestowed the honor of being hoisted atop Pesto’s mast, 75 feet above sea level, for routine maintenance tasks. Raquel is a very active girl and loves being outside, thus a perfect match for this lifestyle.

December 2017, at the dock in Opua, NZ: a family of full-time sailors about to become landlubbers

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  1. Congratulations to the crew. I really enjoy reading your adventures from time to time and wishing to have a sabbatical year myself. No school could teach you and your children what you have learned in this journey.

  2. Thank You Hortensia ! We are indeed very satisfied with this choice. Particularly the last season, which was when we have been TRULY “out there”, has been a very precious time. The kids are much more appreciative – in general. We have strengthened our relationships in ways we had not experienced before. And then there’s the sense of accomplishment. It’s been cool. More to come this year. Stay tuned !

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