About The Passage

It would be the last passage of this cruising season.

It would also be the last leg in our crossing of the Pacific Ocean.

We wanted it to be a pleasant experience.

We planned and waited extensively to achieve that.

And still, it wasn’t.

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On the Meantime …

Yes !

… there WILL be a post about our passage from Fiji to New Zealand.

Yes !

… we will also publish our learnings from it here.

And, Yes !

… we shall soon start posting about our first impressions of New Zealand.


But on the meantime …..

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Brief Update

This is a belated to post to:

– let you know we have arrived (2 days ago), and we are all well, Pesto included

– apologize for not publishing real-time posts here as promised before departure

This has been a WILD passage – not dangerous, but tough -much beyond our expectations, and for an array of reasons. We were overwhelmed with seasickness and that preempted the posting.

The last two days I have also been very busy. Making arrangements for our stay here, fixing a few hard-pressing things onboard, discussing the passage with fellow cruisers as they arrive.

With all that said:

– you know Familygonesailing, and we WILL publish the story and learnings of this passage. Soon.

– we are very happy to be where we are now

– and, again, all is well



…. and STAY TUNED 🙂

Game Plan

[Sunday, 23:00 Fiji Time, Saturday 05:00 EST, Saturday 08:00 Sao Paulo]

The weather window is wide open to us and we will be leaving soon.

We clear out of Fiji tomorrow, Monday local (that will be Sunday in the Americas), probably stay overnight on a bay nearby, and then depart at first light on Tuesday local time (again, Monday in the Americas).

Wind and sea conditions are favoring a nearly straight-line route to New Zealand.

We plan to arrive at the Bay of Islands in NZ’s North Island.

It is going to be approximately 1,100 miles to get there, and it shall take us just under 9 days to cover the distance.

We will try to post updates on the blog and share on Facebook (this post is actually a test for it). But please, bear in mind technology may not cooperate at times.

We will also try to update our daily position at Gulf Harbour Radio’s Website. They have a cool interactive map with our position on it. Follows the link —> www.yit.nz/yacht/pesto

The forecast is stable, and we should have a good passage.

See you on the other side !