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17 Replies to “… DONE sailing !!!”

  1. Oh no! The journey! The good ship Pesto! The islands in the stream! And now? Back to Seattle?

  2. WOW! And congratulations, i think. Your news catches me “off guard.” And some kinship deep in me resonates with your transition. Something profound is happening. Thank YOU all for all that you share. I have thoroughly enjoyed following your journey…and i hope our adventures will cross again. Be well and be grateful,

  3. Thank You Jon. I am sitting here at the cockpit in Whangarei and then the memory of you playing Koi with the kids that night in Seattle … it almost feels like a bend in time and the two moments happening together. Thank You for being a companion and a friend. Best regards !!!

  4. Thank you for sharing this with us! It’s been very pleasent reading your posts, some a bit too techs, others very inspirings…. most of the pictures were amazings!! I imagine how intense that transition should be and all the emotions involved. I admire you so much and I like you even more… as a friend I wish you all the best!!!! For each one of you congratulations!!! Beijo enorme!!! Qdo crescer quero ser q nem vcs!!!

  5. Nuevas historias están por venir , gracias a ti y a tu familia por compartirnos esta aventura
    Te deseo mucho éxito y felicidad

  6. Wow! It’s been a pleasure following your adventures! Best of luck on the new chapter. If you’re back in Miami at some point I’d love to see you guys. Um abraço, Max

  7. Thank You so much, Max. There will be a quick hop to Miami in the near future to collect our stuff in the storage. May likely be a stop-and-go but I will keep you posted. Would love to catch up as well. Cheers

  8. Muchas gracias por compartir tan padres aventuras. Alex y yo les mandamos un abrazo grande y toda nuestra admiración a ti y tu hermosa familia Alex.

  9. We’re right there with you guys, a tangle of emotions for sure. In a few days we’ll start our last significant passage and then only tiny sails before putting the old gal up for sale. No regrets though and we so appreciate the good run we’ve had, as you do too. Look forward to seeing you down the road.

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