Autumn Wonderland

It was unintentional – the decision to do the road trip now was solely based on our planned activities for the remainder of the year, plus to capitalize on an opportunity to do part of the trip in company of dear friends. Nevertheless, the choice of season couldn’t have been better, for we got to see New Zealand’s Autumn Foliage from beginning to end, in full splendor.

In the beginning of the trip some trees here and there were starting to turn into bright yellow:

As we gained latitude, and advanced further into autumn, more and more trees were joining the palette:

Until reaching a climax, sometime in the second half of April:

Trees still heavily laden with leaves, all turning into the brightest tones of yellow:

As if competing for attention:

Then, towards the end of the month leaves started to fall:

Whereas some trees still managed to turn into the brightest red:

Until eventually surrendering to the brisk, cold breezes of deeper autumn.

Intertropical climates have their merit, for sure. But the stark distinction between seasons at higher latitudes is also something very special. As the temperatures get colder here, and the trees naked, we wonder how different – and beautiful – the places we have just been to must look like now that the tops of the mountains are all covered in snow. Likewise, if Autumn was already so colorful, we can imagine how intense these places must look like when spring comes.

But … enough dreaming for now. There are still many stories to be told, and made.

Thank You for following us on this Journey !!!