Early Snow

We will start the story of our first road trip in New Zealand somewhere from the middle. More precisely halfway between the cities of Nelson and Hanmer Springs, at the upper portion of South Island …

… that’s when this typical and picturesque rural setting enthused us to finally take the camera off the bag:

It was a fine drive that day …

… but there was a definite chill in the air, and convincing signs that Winter was perhaps a bit too eager to overtake Autumn prematurely this year:

Indeed it was. As the highway took us closer to the mountains we were treated to this:

Luck was on our side that day, for we drove through a mountain pass and had an up-close and personal contact with this year’s prematurely first snow:

And when a Brazilian who has spent the last four years cruising in balmy tropical climes encounters snow falling, this happens:

We kept driving through fairytale-like, snow-dusted wintry landscapes …

… interposed by lush temperate forests:

After all, this is New Zealand – a place where one can experience all four seasons in one day !

6 Replies to “Early Snow”

  1. Inacreditável… Que mistura de clima é esse gente… Neve com a vegetação tão verdinha assim?
    Adoroo acompanhar essa família… Viajo com vcs….

  2. Oh you are at one of my fav places…. my family holiday place, forrest camp was fun, an old logging workers camp thats now run for public holidays… then the hot pools, always missed being there when it snowed…. what a treat that would be, in hot pools when snowing! On your way south, Mt Cook is a beautiful place to perhaps stay a few days maybe hiking, but watch those mountain parrots the Kea’s! Clowns they are but, they will remove lots of rubber off your car! Winscreen wiper rubber – gone, any plastic around the car – gone.. bring spare wiper blades hahahaha….. Then Moraki Bolders further south, on the esat coast, has a forrest and motor camp – sheltered from those cold southerlies.
    Do stop at every river crossing, something I did with the kids every trip we took, stopped bordom and fun with wetsuits on and boggie boards down the ruver…. bring 20 towels!
    Have fun!

  3. Hi Ed – such a beautiful country this is! We did enjoy the warm pools in near-zero temperatures, but it wasn’t snowing down at the valley- only at the higher elevations. It was really fun nevertheless. Heard of the Kea’s but luckily Alfredo has been spared so far. I hope it remains that way 🙂 Already stopped at Aoraki valley and it was magnificent. Soon to be posted here. Cheers !

  4. Oh yes… I wondered if those earth quakes changed the geology of Hamner Pool hot water springs, you say warm pools….. 39, 40, 41 deg water temp was the norm last we were there before the earth quakes….

  5. Hi Ed, I didn’t hear or see anything suggesting that the quakes may have changed anything’s in Hanmer. The pools’ temps were pretty much like you said. They also have two large pools now with waterslides and an artificial river. It is pretty nice, and we are hoping to be able to return there this winter. Cheers !

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