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2 Replies to “Using 500mb Charts on Forecasting”

  1. I haven’t looked at Chesnau’s book for a few years. I didn’t find it helpful in Mexico. But I will definitely re-read it before heading south again. Thanks for finding the essence of the 500mb chart!

  2. Hi Phil – same experience as I had.
    With that being said, for the transit in between the South Pacific Isles the 500mb won’t say much – first because that area is basically a Trade-Wind Conveyor Belt, second because the 500mb patterns become more predictable and relevant at latitudes higher than 20 degrees (also a learning from Ma Li’s Book).
    This year, as you sail West, what you WILL want to pay a lot of attention to are:
    – the ITCZ: normally affecting passages between Tahiti and Cooks
    – the SPCZ: hovers over Vanuatu, Fiji, Tonga and Cooks and is to be avoided when too intense
    – large High Pressure systems parading South of 25-30 degrees, creating “squash Zones” of reinforced trade winds (we sailed in these and it is nor pleasant)
    – any off-season Tropical Depressions
    Enjoy Ottawa !!!

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