On the Meantime …

Yes !

… there WILL be a post about our passage from Fiji to New Zealand.

Yes !

… we will also publish our learnings from it here.

And, Yes !

… we shall soon start posting about our first impressions of New Zealand.


But on the meantime …..


Well, I hope you will excuse me in case it sounds we are bragging, and maybe we probably are. But the fact is that:

WE.         DID.         IT.

! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !


We just CROSSED THE PACIFIC OCEAN. From 50 N to 34 S, from 130 W to 175 E.   All of it !


Congratulations to my beloved, salty crew – Adriana, Paulo and Raquel. I hope you are feeling proud and accomplished, because you really should !

And a bug HURRAY to our mighty sv Pesto, who took us all along with poise and grace.

Awesome !



10 Replies to “On the Meantime …”

  1. This is really big deal! My husband Edison and I are happy Pesto got you there safe and sound!

  2. looks good when you see the whole route on the globe! definately something to celebrate! xx

  3. It’s quite a ride isn’t it? Imagine your route, how it would look like on a map! And we are ALL in celebration mode. So good to be here. Cheers

  4. That’s a life time experience that very few jump on it!!! Congratulation darling to make us feel like our lives are so simple and boring!!! Love what u are doing and love u2

  5. Hi Magaly, what a treat to see you here – Thank You.
    Personally, I believe Simple is good. And many times very difficult to achieve and sustain. Most things that surround us lead to complexity.
    As for Boredom, some of it is actually good too. Great ideas can flourish from boredom. It is also a reminder to our brains/ body that we shan’t live on a perpetual state of rush. Too much of it, tough, can be a sign that it me be time for a change.
    Be well, and hope to see you guys next year again. Cheers.

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