Paulo’s Limited Comics Edition


It was over two years ago now, while we were sailing down the west coast of the US during Autumn. Paulo started issuing a series of comic strips, and "Boat House Comix" was born.


Each story is presented by an imaginary host - Greg Gregson, Ralph Bison and Chip Wreckman. He also created the umbrella name Boat House Comix Inc for the "Production" and "Distribution" of his content 🙂  

Follows links to each of his stories - including "closed captions" at the bottom, just after the scanned image. Just click on each thumbnail below for a full page view of the Story (and the Captions). Happy Reading:

It's Time for Hot News

Animal Talk

Cactus Siege

The Nature Show

Pumpkin Talk

We Are Back !

Jack ?

Hot News 2

The Pelican


THANK YOU for following our Journey !

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