Video of the Week: Paulo’s Kite

If a picture is worth a thousand words, imagine a moving one !
Last season we captured a few videos during our cruise in French Polynesia, and we will publish them here from time to time.

Don’t expect much … our equipment is basic (an iPad and a GoPro), the shooting process sketchy to say the least, and the editing skills non-existent, as you will notice.


For this introductory video, we lashed the GoPro to Paulo’s kite during a windy day in the atoll of Makemo. The video is quite “bumpy”, I reckon, but I hope it will convey some of the beauty of that place:

And this is the link for the post that this video relates to ===> CLICK HERE


We hope you enjoy. THANK YOU for following us on this journey !!!

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2 Replies to “Video of the Week: Paulo’s Kite”

  1. That’s pretty cool! And so is the view….. I’d be shaking lots up there too hahahaha Nice piloting paulo

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