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6 Replies to “French Polynesia Cruising Season Review”

  1. Hi Ed – Thank You for the appreciation. It took quite a number of hours indeed. I wrote it slowly though, while we were idling at anchor last year.
    Interesting fact you raised about the kids’ involvement. In the beginning we tried to weave in blog activities into home schooling, but it never really took off. Paulo did publish a few stories in the form of cartoons (lookup “Boat House Comics Inc in the blog”) and Raquel published a post or two, but that was it …

  2. Hi family! I miss all of you!
    I miss Paulo sitting down below..
    I miss Lil ladies smiles…
    I miss MUM’s posts…
    And Alex you are missing!
    So, for the last 2 – 3 wks I have been reading all your posts starting from that car trip to Seattle, preparing the boat before family came aboard through to the last post from FP. Now, I have a new habit see, to close out the day (stop thinking about work) I read your posts in bed! Great for those of us wanting to drift off with YOU in our dreams…. yes, that works for me.
    I guess you all are in a beautiful bay, waiting for the next shark to get airborn or sone such happening or maybe you kids are planing another beach sleepover with new found friends, did you catch up with old friends?
    You kids are very lucky having a mum and dad with such love for your youth to be filled with memories for and of life!
    My dad had for such a long time a dream to build a boat to sail the world when I was your age, he did get to build that boat over 4 years, but we all had grown up by then and had our own families. He never did sail the world. Parts of NZ were explored….
    Looking forward to more posts Alex when you are near innernet (lol)
    How about you kids? An essay! Yes! Teacher Ed – in by tomorrow hahahaha

  3. Hi Ed !
    I won’t even try to write a message thanking you for such a kind comment – I would fail to do it properly how ever and much I tried.
    But your words were the right injection of energy I needed to sit and write again.
    And, buy doesn’t it feel good – Thank You !
    Pregabalin buy from uk” published today because of you.
    And there will be more to come. Stay tuned !

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