New Year, New Face

Familygonesailing just got a new face.

               Again !

                            For the third time …


This probably goes against every best-practice of web page management. 

Whereas the previous page layout looked cool, it also had a few nagging pitfalls. On the technical side, that layout was based on a very flexible template. With flexibility comes complexity. It had too many parameters and it proved to be difficult to manage, particularly given our normal constraints in internet access and bandwidth. Additionally, that template was third-party developed, and new releases required some light coding to transfer the customizations to the new version. Finally, being from a different manufacturer than the host of the blog, it was a bit unstable. But my greatest diatribe with it was on the layout itself. I felt it put too much emphasis on navigation, with all the links – and their images – occupying the premium real estate of the screen. The new posts were relegated to a tiny potion at the bottom, and still could only be found after scrolling.

Enter the new format. We are returning to a simpler layout, bringing Content back again to the forefront of the blog – after all, this is what Familygonesailing is all about: the Stories !

Navigation is also simpler, I think. All links are located on the top of the page, just below the featured image (I didn’t want sidebars competing for real estate with the posts).

Another expected benefit is stability. It is developed by the same company that hosts Familygonesailing (maybe now we shall be able to resume uploading our posts via sat phone while in remote places, for instance).

And since I was at it, I took the opportunity to polish and reorganize the posts we uploaded since departing Mexico to French Polynesia almost a year ago. For example, the Journey So Far page was cleaned, reorganized and updated, providing comprehensive access to our content.

Finally, a few tricks have been added:

  • Some of our most relevant stories are now bundled in “Special Feature” series (check this one, as an example)
  • It is now easier to find the link to activate our automatic Post Delivery (check it out !)
  • It is also easier to browse our posts using this page
  • The featured image at the top of the page changes as you navigate through the blog
  • Finally, we added a “live” counter with the number of days we’ve been out there, cruising. I surprised by the number of days. Can you find it ?!?!?

Here you have it – Familygonesailing’s new face. We hope you enjoy.


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