Paulo’s Kite

The Tuamotus Diaries #14, Day 29 – June 26th 2016

Some two years ago, Paulo got a kite for Christmas – I don’t remember if it was from us or from Santa, but that is beyond the point.

The kite is very cool to fly, with swift responses to the controls and enough power to lift Paulo’s feet off the ground.

Our lovely anchorage in Makemo is a very cool place for flying a kite, with its long spells of windy days.

So, what else could we do to make this an even cooler combination?

Attach the GoPro camera to the Kite, of course !

And these are some of the still images that resulted. Need I write more?

Familygonesailing -Paulo Kite-2

Familygonesailing -Paulo Kite-4

Familygonesailing -Paulo Kite-3

Familygonesailing -Paulo Kite-5

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