Last and Definitely NOT Least

From Hanamoenoa, in Tahuata, we made a quick, “administrative” stop at Atuona Bay, in the island of Hiva Oa. There we topped up our fuel tanks, completed our supplies, and tried to do whatever internet-stuff that could be done with the ultra-slow bandwidth of the island’s only internet café. But as soon as we were done, we raised anchor again and headed toward our last destination in the Marquesas: the bay of Hanavave, in the island of Fatu Hiva:


We departed Atuona with the first rays of sun:

1.) Hanavave

There was a good breeze blowing, providing for a quite sporty close-reach ride:

2.) Hanavave

It wasn’t properly a comfy ride, but it was very enjoyable and fun. At this point, here I was telling the kids one of my (few) jokes:

3.) Hanavave

That’s one great thing about kids. No matter how short my repertoire is, and I do recycle my jokes a lot, they always reward me with a good laugh:

4.) Hanavave

On the approach to Fatu Hiva, this catamaran, which was coming on the opposite direction, made a point to pass close to us:

5.) Hanavave

We obliged, making for a cool photo opportunity:

6.) Hanavave

It’s funny, when I took these pictures I had a feeling I would one day have the chance to pass them on to the Catamaran’s owner. Well, nearly 1 month and 500 miles later we found ourselves in the same anchorage. The boat’s name is Tika, a lovely Aussie family. And they also took a picture of Pesto on the same occasion. Here it is:

6.a) Hanavave

Coincidence? Nah …

Anyway, back to the main story, we were now quickly approaching Hanavave. This is said to be one of the “world’s most beautiful anchorages” and we were naturally looking forward to it:

7.) Hanavave

I can’t attest the veracity of such title, but one thing is for sure: this is one really beautiful bay !

8.) Hanavave

We spent approximately one week on this bay, and had a wonderful time. Too much for one post. Stay tuned for the upcoming one.

9.) Hanavave


7 Replies to “Last and Definitely NOT Least”

  1. Estamos amando e curtindo os posts. As fotos s lindas. e o relato melhor ainda!!! Adorei a risada gostosa do Paulo. percebendo q vc ia contar de novo uma mma historia!!! Vai nos provisionando. c outros posts, estamos sempre na espera bj mãe

  2. N acredito, digito uma coisa e sai outra!!! Bem, tomara q vc entenda! !

  3. We also miss your jokes. Lol. Great pictures. We are “still” gathering documentation for our visas, and dreaming about the anchorages you are describing. Stay well Pesto!

  4. Ha! Don’t ya just love kids and jokes hahahahaha, they will grow up with much of your sense of humor for real, mine did…. er….. not so sure that’s a good thing now hahahaha. Whit is a great thing too, I now have found – with my grand kids anyway, they often times needed a bit of coaching after delivering a bit of whit and now the older ones (9-10 yr olds) join in with a really great facial expression to boot! – silly poppa hahahahahaha

  5. Nao tem problema, Mae. A mensagem chegou clara. Que bom que voces estao acompanhando. Vem mais um montao de estorias por ai. Beijos

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