Puddle Jump in Images – Part III

As a wrap up to the series, we have uploaded this short video taken from Adriana during one of the many Squalls that we rode during our voyage. Just to give some context, when this video was shot, we were more or less at the middle of the voyage, at least 1,500 miles away from the nearest land.

Hope you enjoy !


6 Replies to “Puddle Jump in Images – Part III”

  1. Mas esse Pesto eh mmo. muito valente, a tripulaçao. então nem se fala! !! bj mãe

  2. Viu so que ventania, Pai? Me lembrei muito daquela chuva que pegamos com o Luau na entrada do Saco da Ribeira. Lembra? So faltou me pendurar no estai lateral com a garrafa de vodka na mao …

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