WHEN: Wednesday April 13th 2100Local / 2200EST / 2300BRZ / 0200UTC

WHERE: 02:21S 135:04W

MILEAGE: 2,597 miles since La Cruz, MX (sailed), 500 miles to Taiohae Bay, Marquesas (straight line)

I believe today was the most pleasant day of the trip. A steady breeze pushed us all day long at a great speed. It made small white caps on the intense blue sea, without growing waves on it. The occasional white puffy clouds decorated an otherwise intense blue sky. The heat of the Equatorial sun was partially compensated by the gentle breeze. Pesto wasn’t moving too much, just forward, toward Taiohae Bay, which is what we want.
Whit all this for background, Adriana decided to make us a lazagna ( ! ), which was acclaimed enthusiastically by the whole crew.
Night fell and conditions remained, making for an even more pleasant scenario. Without the sun, the temperature is now perfect. The gentle breeze enters the cockpit and touches us. The sea is now silver, borrowing the majestic color from the half moon up in the sky.
Pesto is moving smoothly, almost as if at anchor. There’s very little noise. It is almost hard to believe the speedometer, which tells us she is thrusting at a constant 7-8 knots. She wants to take us there. She knows we need some rest.
Some two weeks ago, I mentioned that my body had adjusted to the watch scheme, and I was taking short “power naps” along the day and the night. However, since we crossed the zone of Wicked Squalls of the North, where I had to stay up all night many nights in a row, my body now adjusted to a new regimen of minimal sleep. As much as I try, I can’t get the power naps anymore. Even in a night like today, I can only sleep maybe 2 or 3 hours at most. The body feels tired as a consequence.
Tired but happy, and satisfied.
The Marquesas, a life-long dream, is getting closer by the hour. It’s less than 500 miles already and the pre-arrival anxiety is kicking in.
And that was the update for today.
Here’s wishing a happy 2nd half of the week to everyone.
Pesto out.


  1. Feliz que tudo correndo de acordo. O secreto e’ o alto calibre de toda a tripulação. Pimpolho.

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