WHEN: Sunday April 10th 2100Local / 2200EST / 2300BRZ / 0200UTC

WHERE: 03:36 131:43W

MILEAGE: 2,133 miles since La Cruz, MX (sailed), 905 miles to Taiohae Bay, Marquesas (straight line)

A day of mixed stories.
There was a period of very good progress, with the forecast ENE winds pushing us at excellent speeds over calm seas. However, by afternoon a large group of clouds formed near us, and severely affected the wind, eventually causing it to fade away completely. And we have been becalmed.
With the boat standing still, we took the opportunity to run some house chores, including Trash Optimization and Making Water (over 500 liters – the tank and all drinking water containers have been all topped off and we have enough to reach the Marquesas already). Adriana prepared an Alfredo Pasta which was very well received by the crew, keeping spirits up.
And to further boost morale onboard, we are now less than 1,000 miles away from the Marquesas. There is still 3 major milestones to overcome: to get out of this dreaded zone of squalls and fickle winds, cross the Equator while there is still wind there, and negotiate the Southern Squalls zone. But by any count, 905 miles is much less than 2,518 and that made us happy.
We are also making bets of when we shall cross the Equator. Would have been some time late on Wednesday. But with the absolute Calm of the last 6 hours, it may have been pushed to Thursday.
All is good onboard and we are looking forward to days of steadier winds.
Pesto out.


  1. Oh my gosh! Less than 1000 miles!! I do miss your pastas Adrianna. Last night we went to the Black Forest and missed you guys so much. Everyone here is watching your progress and cheering you on! Go Pesto Go!

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