WHEN: Tuesday March 29th. 2030Local / 2230EST / 2330BRZ / 0230UTC

WHERE: 18:12N 107:47W

MILEAGE: 213 miles since La Cruz (sailed), 2,518 miles to Nuku Hiva (straight line)

This is our second day out here, and we are definitely in the process of establishing our routine. That’s ok.
Adriana’s toe is still sore, but definitely less painful than yesterday. She is trying to limit her movements onboard while it heals.
After yesterday’s great sailing conditions, today the wind got very light, patchy, and by early afternoon it was completely gone. There was still a chop lingering and the boat had an uncomfortable movement. We decided to use some of our precious fuel to get Pesto moving – and more stable – again.
As per the forecast, we were expecting the wind to return by 8pm local time. We initially considered motoring until that time, but I eventually ran out of patience and switched it off sooner. By then, the chop had receded and the water was quite smooth. We were suddenly engulfed by the silence of the sea. And stood there, still.
Not for long though. A light breeze soon rippled the water and started to push us along at a fair speed again. There we were, gliding along through those smooth waters, just the dim light of an early evening left. The kids came in the cockpit and we enjoyed that moment of gentle transition from stillness to moving again. Bliss
As I wrap up this post, the wind has increased to a useful 15 knots, and we are sailing close-hauled, Pesto heeling to port, and making 6 to 7 knots headed SW. If the forecast remains valid – as it has been so far – this wind shall vanish again after 23PM, and only return next morning. I’ll let you know tomorrow.
Have a great evening!

– Claudia, Edison: muito bacana ter vcs acompanhando assim de perto. Vou tentar manter a pagina atualizada sempre que possivel. Abraços.
– Zezé, João: obrigado pela “consulta virtual”. A Adri ficou tranquila, e esta seguindo a prescrição à risca.