“T” minus Two

DATE: March 12th, 2016, 2300 Local Time/ 0100 EST / 0200 BRZ

LOCATION: Barra de Navidad, MX (19:12N 104:41W)

CONDITIONS: Bright sunny and very warm.

WEATHER OUTLOOK: Back to the roller coaster. The forecasting model keeps suggesting good wind for Thursday and Friday – but then it vanishes almost completely on Saturday and Sunday. Model accuracy that far out is low, but if this trend persists, that would mean we would get a nice sail out of the coast for two days, and then stay floating with no winds for another two days, some 300-500 miles off the coast. Not good.

HIGHLIGHTS: Another day of heavy provisioning. We also tried our trysail, a small, very reinforced sail meant for use in strong winds. Ours has never been used, despite its age and I hope that it stays that way. It is nevertheless a good piece in our inventory, particularly as we cross the squally region on the approach to the equator.

MOOD ONBOARD: Similar to yesterday. No issues and a lot of focus on the tasks at hand.

SONG OF THE DAY: “Cartomante” – Ivan Lins and Vitor Martins. A beautiful Brazilian song, brought to its full power on the voice of the late Elis Regina.

IMAGE OF THE DAY: This is Pesto dressed up with her “skinny” trysail. Orange is the new Black !!!