“T” minus … ONE !!!

DATE: March 14th, 2016, 2230 Local Time/ 0030 EST / 0130 BRZ

LOCATION: Barra de Navidad, MX (19:12N 104:41W)

CONDITIONS: Sunny, warm and humid, with a bit of haze.

WEATHER OUTLOOK: Still a little bit of a roller coaster. Because of El Nino, the Trade Winds – which are a key component of the Puddle Jump route – are much less stable and consistent than usual. As a consequence, it is located far from the Mexico coast (between 600 and 1,000 miles) and varying in intensity. I have already made up my mind that we will not have the “conveyor belt” type of passage, but, rather, a long and very tactical run, adjusting the route continuously to reach and stay within pockets of wind, and taking the most out of our sails to maximize speed. As of today, the forecasting model is showing a little bit of an “avenue” of light winds which should connect us with the Trade Winds approximately 600 miles SW of Barra de Navidad. If this forecast remains, we will depart on Thursday, the

HIGHLIGHTS: We all went to Manzanillo to start our departure formalities. In a way, we are already leaving Mexico !

MOOD ONBOARD: Positive. Being all four together and away from the now-too-long routine of boat projects has served us well. We had one last fast-food meal and savored it as if it were the ultimate gourmet experience. Having said that, we are all feeling the pace of the last days and are physically tired, very tired.

SONG OF THE DAY: “Should I Stay or Should I Go”, the Clash. I can’t think of a more appropriate title to fit with the current “dance” we are having with the weather forecasts.

IMAGE OF THE DAY: Enjoying it while it lasts.

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