“T” minus Six

Date: March 9th, 2016, 2100 Local Time/ 2300 EST / 0045 BRZ

Location: Barra de Navidad, MX (19:12N 104:41W)

Conditions: Started cloudy, windy and rainy. Then clear skies, very windy and a big swell thundering on the beach.

Weather Outlook: the forecasting models are predicting almost no wind for a large portion of the Eastern Pacific between Wednesday and Thursday next week. Not what we need. Looks like we may find ourselves grinding teeth here at the marina waiting for the weather window to form.

Highlights: Today I rented a car and went to Manzanillo after boat parts and supplies. Found almost everything, and what I couldn’t bring today, will be provided by Saturday. The guys at Casa Del Pescador are very honest, efficient and service-oriented. Back onboard, the kids did homeschooling and Adriana is finishing the provisioning plan. We start hitting Manzanillo’s supermarkets on Saturday, and poor Pesto’s waterline will go down another inch or two.

As we bring more and more stuff onboard, everything is getting hoarded inside the front quarters, awaiting to be stowed later. I prefer to stow everything at once – it’s more efficient. The side effect, however, is that our home is getting less homely by the day, and I am already looking forward to Sunday, which is when I am planning to put everything away, in its place and out of sight.

We just came back from a pleasant dinner at a local restaurant nearby. Very mexican, including Mariacchi and all. Adriana brought crayons and construction paper and asked us to write and/ or make drawings with positive messages for the passage. Nice idea !

Mood Onboard: It was somewhat of a slow start due to the heavy rain in the morning, then full-action in the afternoon. We are now all here in the main salon. Raquel organizing the drawing supplies’ cabinet, Adriana working on the Provisioning Plan, Paulo watching something on Netflix, and I writing this post.

Song of the Day: “El Siete Mares” – the Mariachis played this song to us back at the restaurant today … Navegar es mi destino


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  1. Hi Roberto, the transonder will be on for the beginning of the trip, but as soon as we get far enough from the coast, it will not work. I will soon publish a post with an alternative way to track our progress. Bet regards

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