“T” minus Five

Date: March 10th, 2016, 2100 Local Time/ 2300 EST / 0045 BRZ

Location: Barra de Navidad, MX (19:12N 104:41W)

Conditions: Crystal clear skies all day, windy in the afternoon.

Weather Outlook: the models continue predicting very light winds for the second half of next week, which precludes a departure. This is quite ironic, for it is windy right now. If we were to be ready before Wednesday we might be able to go, but I don’t think we will. I also don’t want to leave in a hurry for such a long passage, so it seems like we may have to wait a little longer (and grind teeth).

Highlights: This is starting to feel repetitive … let me see. I had a slow start today – I have been trying a medicine to manage seasickness, and it made me oversleep until 8:30am. I woke up well rested, but a bit grumpy because I was running late with my to-do list. I then left to visit the Port Captain to understand the exit procedures – not too difficult, it seems. Back onboard, I pressed hard in the engine room all through the afternoon and was able to catch up and even anticipate some of tomorrow’s work. Not bad. Adriana did a lot of office-work together with the kids’ homeschooling. We had a very nice dinner. And that’s it for today …

Mood Onboard: As per above, it started a bit hectic, but things fell back on track during the day.

Song of the Day: “Que Sera” – a friend wrote to me today saying this is one of his favorites. A beautiful song indeed, and it sets a good mindset for our frantic preparation. We are doing the best we can to be as ready as we can conceive, and at the end of the day, “what will be, will be”