Under the Stars

For some time now we’ve been playing with the idea of taking the kids camping. This is something we had not done before, and the kids always talked about. Moreover, the recent hiking experiences raised the interest level.

So, when planning the Road Trip, we decided to give it a Gran Finale, by spending a couple nights camping in the Joshua Tree Park. And kept is a secret for the kids until the end.

<This is the sixth and last in a series of posts covering our Road Trip along the fantastic desert scenery of the US Southwest. Click here to access the Intro post to the series, and here to access the previous post>

We left Las Vegas on a particularly hot morning, with the car full beyond its limits with our clothes, boat paraphernalia, and camping gear. It was a 5-hr drive first South, and then West, which even took us along portions of Route 66:



We arrived at the park soon after sunset. By then we hadn’t told the kids yet we were going camping. Upon arrival to the campsite, we asked them to find “the hotel”. As they were puzzled looking at the empty scenery, we opened the trunk and unveiled the mystery. One hour later, our new “home” was set:




The next morning we woke up early to the chirping of birds around the tent …



… and anxious to try out our freeze-dried breakfast:



We considered hiking, but it soon got very hot, and we found ourselves using creative ways to find the soothing protection of a shadow:




So we packed everything up and spent the hottest time of the day driving and visiting some of the park attractions:




Our favorite was the Cholla Garden, a large expanse of land filled with these like-named cactus:




In the afternoon, we headed to our next campsite, this one well in the heart of the park:



The site we chose was a charm, tucked next to massive round boulders, so characteristic of the park, and surrounded by thousands of the unmistakable trees that give their name to it:



Now that was the real deal, a full-on camping experience:



Near dusk, the extreme heat of the day had filled the sky with heavy clouds which, despite the mystery of a potentially rainy night, provided for a dramatic sunset which augmented the beauty of the park’s scenery:




That night we celebrated with wine “on the rock”:



And made a campfire before going to sleep, satisfied with a wholesome experience:


(Happy Campers)
(Happy Campers)



If you reached thus far, THANK YOU for following us along this trip !

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  1. Thanks Roberto 🙂
    No Blue Velvet, but Adriana did have a face-to-face with a Coyote on the vicinity of the tent one evening.

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