Round and Round it Goes


<This is the fourth in a series of posts covering our Road Trip along the fantastic desert scenery of the US Southwest. Click here to access the Intro post to the series, and here to access the previous post>

<Post written July 20th, on a rainy day during our road trip around the Grand Canyon area>

Roughly one year ago I was driving across the Arizona desert en route to Seattle to move in to Pesto.

I had planned a route skewed to the west on purpose, just to cross this area, and particularly the Monument Valley, which was recommended by a dear friend.

It was a fantastic drive, I was mesmerized by the beauty of the place, and promised myself I would go back with Adriana, Paulo and Raquel.

Well, this week, as we were touring the Grand Canyon area, we woke up one day and found out we had some time to spare as we transitioned from Cameron to Page, AZ. I opened the area map and noticed the Monument Valley at the upper right corner of it. And that’s when we decided to make a 240 mile detour to check it out.

The splendor of that place itself is well worth the four-hour drive, and I was particularly pleased to be sharing it with Adriana and the kids.

It was also an opportunity to look back … 12 months ago, I was exactly on this same place, with the heart full with expectations and the adrenalin of having turned our lives upside down. It took me three days to drive the ~3,000 miles from Miami to there, alone. And coincidently, this is the distance we have covered during these 12 months together on Pesto. The expectations are gradually turning into experiences, and the adrenalin into satisfaction.

I wonder what I will be writing about one year from now.