Cliffs and Rocks Galore

Despite being on opposite banks of the Canyon, there’s a very long drive between the Grand Canyon’s South and North rims.

It is a formidable drive, however, and we took the opportunity to visit some of the features along it. On our plans were the Antelope Canyon, Horseshoe Bend, the Navajo Bridge and the Vermillion Cliffs. I also found a way to slot in a 240-mile detour to visit the Monument Valley, which all agreed was well worth it.

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From the Grand Canyon’s South Rim, driving up to the Monument Valley. It was Boys on one car …

From the Grand Canyon's South Rim, driving up to the Monument Valley. It was boys on one car ...

… and Girls on the other:



This is one amazing drive !



Reaching the AZ/UT border:



One day later, boat trip on Lake Powel, sailing into the Antelope Canyon:



This canyon has unique red-coloured formations carved on sandstone:



I suspect he won’t forget these views anytime soon:



Leaving the Antelope Canyon area, a quick stop at the Horseshoe Bend. That is the Colorado River, almost 900 ft under. The picture doesn’t make any justice to the view. For Adriana and I, this was still one of the most fascinating views we’ve seen. Ever.



The Navajo Bridges, Old and New (Right and Left, respectively), cross the Canyon at it’s narrowest point, giving access to the North Rim:



“Wow, cool !    Shall we jump ?”:



“Oh, darn!”



“Well, let’s take a picture instead”:



On the other side, the Vermillion Cliffs are beautiful rocky formations carved by wind and water off red stone:



This zone is full with the famous Balancing Rocks. These are large boulders which fall from the clifftops. Over time, wind and water erode the soil around them, leaving just a small portion intact (for protection and pressure from the rock’s weight). The result is a natural work of art:



Our lodge, at the Cliff’s footsteps:



Hiking on a rainy day:

Taking a hike on a rainy day at the Cliffs

The kids letting some steam off: