It started with a Latte …


<This is the first in a series of posts covering our Road Trip along the fantastic desert scenery of the US Southwest. Click here to access the Intro post to the series, and here to access the next post>

<Post written July 20th, on a rainy day during our road trip around the Grand Canyon area>

For many years I used to start my weekday routine by walking to a Starbucks for a latte before heading to the office.

I would drop the kids at school at 7, then drive across the city to beat the traffic, park on the same spot every day, and do the 5-minute walk to the Starbucks, before heading to the office and immersing myself in the flurry of unopened emails from the previous day.

It was my ritual, and also my escape. During the 15-20 minutes that it took, my mind would wander far, and take me to the dream of cruising. I would reflect on stuff I had read on cruiser’s blogs, think of ways to better prepare a sailboat for cruising, and wonder if, how and when we might ever do it ourselves.

Fast-forward to the recent present, one day we stopped at a Starbucks in Tucson, AZ for breakfast. As I ordered my latte, the memories of my daily escapes from years ago came to mind, and it downed on me that we are living the dream that I nurtured for so long. Some things are happening exactly as I imagined. Others are completely different. And I couldn’t be happier. I don’t think We, and each one of us, could be any happier.

When I was a kid, I once read a phrase which I believe is attributed to Walt Disney: “If you can dream it, you can do it”. It is cheesy, it sounded cheesy to me by then. But, hey, ain’t it true.