The Road Trip

<This is the intro to a series of posts we published covering our road trip to the Southwest of the United States in the summer of 2015, including the Grand Canyon, Vegas and Joshua Tree Park. Click here to access the next post on the series>

Personal interests led us back to the US in the month of July, and we took the opportunity to do a road trip through some of the country’s wonderful features of the Southwest.

So, here’s the update.


We spent one full week visiting the Grand Canyon – both the South and North rims – and its surroundings, including the Monument Valley, Antelope Canyon, Horseshoe Bend and Vermillion Cliffs.


We then headed to Vegas, where we spent four great days in the company of dear friends Ana and Noah, and enjoying the perks of civilization.


From then we went on to a great wrap up of the trip, which I will keep in suspense until the end of the story.


Over the next days, I will be posting a series of updates about this road trip … follow us along, and we hope you will enjoy !