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3 Replies to “Preparing for Blanca 2”

  1. Ahoy! dear family, when i prepared to ride out hurricane Richard at a dock in Belize in 2010…i reduced windage as much as i could: unrolled the genoa and took it down and stowed it below, removed and stowed the solar panels, didn’t remove the mainsail but didn’t trust its cover (wrapped it up with a long line), tensioned my running backstays, etc… Where you are is sheltered from seas but exposed to winds. Check the chafe often (there have been lots of creative ways to reduce it). I noticed in your photo where your blue line goes thru the eye of the mooring buoy line, you have chafing gear there. Good. Further, see if taking your blue twice thru that eye makes sense. Put your jack lines in place to clip in when you have to go on deck, have your own anchor and windlass ready, engine ready… Akimbo (my boat) sails back and forth pretty hard on a mooring or anchor line. I’ve learned how to “gently but firmly” motor her to one side to keep the wind on one side of the bow. In storms like this, nature puts on quite a show! Pay attention. I look forward to reading this chapter of your story after its over. Good luck.

  2. Great to hear from you, John!
    We are working on the windage. Like Akimbo, Pesto tends to sail quite a bit at anchor. The genoa came down today and is stowed. Same with the bimini. Still undecided regarding the solar panels ….
    As of now, the spot forecast for here is showing winds of up to 45kts. But i dont know if the high mountains around here will act to dampen, or accelerate it
    Anyway, i am preparing emotionally and physically to stand watch all through the night on Sunday, which is when most of the action will take place
    Will update the blog as long as it is feasible

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